B - phrasal verbs

Today, I’ve chosen the page 13 from some pharasal verbs:

bug out: leave somewhere in a hurry

They bugged out when the police arrived.
If you're finished, let's bug out

build up: incerase

Tension has been building up ever since the goverment passed the unpopular law
These exercises are good for building up leg strength

bulk up: gain weigth, develop bigger muscles

He's buked up a lot since he got those steroids
After bulking up for his last film role, he’s now down to a slim 11 stone.

bump off: kill

The drug dealer was bumbped off by a rival gang.

bundle off: send sb somewhere

He bundled the kids off to be.
He was bundled off to boarding shcool whe he was ten years old

bundle up: wrap or tie things together

I bundle up my newspaper and dropped them in the recycling bin

buoy up: make someone feel more positive

After so much criticism, the positive review buoyed him up
He has been buoyed up by the news.

burn up: drive at high speed

The bank robbers burned up the roads but were soon captured

burn up: to be or cause to be highly annoyed, destroyed completely by fire

All his possessions were burned up in the fire
His undesered win in the election reallt burns me up
The spacecraft has a heat shield to prevent it burning up when it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere

burst into: catch fire very quicly

The car burst into flames and the driver died as he didn't have time to get out
Their helicpter burst into flames after hitting a power line

bust up: end a relationship, usually angrily or after arguing

I hope you don't mind me butting in on your conversation, but i couldn't help hearing what you said...
We bust up six months ago