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Answer for: be held problem

> The goverment should be made to answer for their failure to sort out the problem
> You have to answer for any problems that during the show

Argue down:Beat so in a debat, discussion or argument

The teacher tried to argue the girl down, but she couldn’t

argue out:Argue about a problem to find a solution

> If we can't argue our differences out, we'll have to take them to court
> We could argue out deails and ramifications once we're out of here

ask around: ask a number of pp for info of help

> I have no idea, but I'll ask around at work and see if anyone can help
> I asked aroundn, but nobody had seen him for days

ask in: to invite sb into your home

> 'John's s at the door' ask him in
> I'd ask you in for a coffee but I have to get up early for work in the morning

ask round: invite someone

We asked John round for dinner

back away:retreat or go backwards

> The crowd backed away when the man pulled a knife
> She saw that he had a gun and backed away

back into: enter a parking area in reverse gear

> he prefers to back his car into the garage
> My wife always has trouble backinng the car into the driveway

back out:fail to keep an arragement or promise

> He backed out two days before the holiday so we gave the ticket to his sister
> I promised to help and I'm not backing out now

back out of: exit a parking area in inverse gear

> She backed the rolls out of its parking space
> we're hoping that no one will back out of the deal