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According to my mom, I must learn how cooking different peruvian diches. In addition, i must go on learning new phrasal verbs

kick in: contribute money

I'll kick in for some of the beer if you will buy a pizza
Peruvian has kicked in about $10 million a year since 1946

kick off: start a game of football

The match kicks off at three o'clock
The game kicks off at 7:45

kick up: cause trouble or pain

My back kicks up when it gets cold
The decision was changed after kicked up a fuss

kip down:Sleep away from your home, often without planning to

It's too late to get the train, so can i kip down here tonight?

kiss off: tell sb to go away

He was bugging us, so we told him to kiss off

knock off: finish work for the day

We knocked off early on Friday to avoid the rush hour queues
Do you want to knock off ealy tonight?

knock off: reduce the time required to do something

The new road knocks an hour off the journey
Kelly knocked two seconds off her previous time
They'll knock something off the price if you collect it yourself
They knocked ten pounds off when I asked for a discount

knock out: hit and make sb unconscious

The reigning middleweight champion knocked out the challenger in the gourth round of the fight
He hit me and nearly knocked me out

knock together: join houses that had been separate

They knocked together two outbuilding and turned them into a home
The two cottages had been knocked together

knock up: become or get sb pregnant

She got knocked up when she was on holiday