S - phrasal verbs

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step back: look at st from a different perspective

We should step back and try to see how our customers will view the scheme
Let's step back and have another look at this

step down: reduce

Production is being stepped down as demand has dropped

step in: get involved by interrupting st

I had to step in when they staretd fighting
it is time for the goverment to step in

step out: leave a place for a very short time

They've stepped out for a cigarette
I'm sorry, Karen 's just stepped out for a second

step to: chat, talk to

He tried to step to her in the bar

stick around: stay in a place for some time

He's late, but I'll stick around for another few minutes before I leave
You go - I''stick around here a bitlonger

stick by: support sb when they are having difficulties.

No one stuck by him when the scandal became public
We must stick by our decision

stick down: write st quickly or without thinking about it

I couldn't answer the test so I just stuck anythig down that I could remember
Just stick your details down on a piece of a paper and I'll get back to you

stick it to: critcise sb

She stuck it to me for turning up half an hour late

stick out: extend part of your body

He stuck his tongue out at me
He stuck his chest out proudly as he stepped onto the stage